The purpose of we are (working to extend anti-racist education) is to equip students, parents, and educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the complexity of racism and to extend anti-racist education with the ultimate goal of dismantling systemic racism. Using a combination of week-long summer camps for students, professional development for teachers, and workshops for parents, we are provides a three pronged approach to addressing racial inequities in schools.




About us

  1. FOSTER healthy racial identities in both youth and adults 

  2. BUILD a historical understanding of racial constructs

  3. PROMOTE civic engagement and allyship with people of color on issues of racial justice

  4. DEVELOP strategies, techniques, and curriculum which extend anti-racist practices

  5. EQUIP families with tools and resources which extend anti-racist practices in the home and community

  6. CONDUCT research on the effectiveness of anti-racist education training

  7. USE research to inform local, state, and national policy regarding anti-racist education

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